World Religions

Austin Karel
Mr. Heys
#1 Talmud
The talmud refers to the religion of judiasim. Originaly Ithought this was one of the holy daybooks of judiasm, which is sorta is, only when its the interpretation of the meaning of the Torah. The torah is like the bible to christains, but for the jews. The torah contains the overaged testament and those books would be called genesis, exodus, levidicus, numbers, and duderomny. When you throw those books and sayings of prophets and patriachs then you get the book called Tanakh. In the Torah theologys gives humans 613 rules to abide by, and the talmud is the depicitions of how these rules would be made appear to be. The residuum of if they followed these rules and to what extent would be what tree leg of judaism they are from. domesticise Judaism would most likly impart a very loose adaption of the talmud they follow, as if theyre orthodox they would follow ev ery rule volume for word. Speaking of words, the talmud is suposivouly passed down by word of mouth, so some(prenominal) of the things that are in there would just be traddition. angiotensin-converting enzyme main example would be the hat the Rabbis wear!
#2 Reform Judaism
In Judaism there are three major(ip) splits in the religion itsself. The three types are reform, conservative, and orthodox.

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The main difference between these branches are how much they actually do concerning god and worship. Some background to the three branches are that the conservative branch didnt really appear in the origination until after world war 2. The main reason of this was because the jews have always gottenn persecuted, and no matter what they wanted to conserve their religion! The reform judaism is the branch that doesnt follow any of the readings as strict as the other branches. In fact the reform branch may non even follow the dietary laws, while some may still eat some kosher food! other thing about the reform branch is the view they have of the torah and the word of god, is that they see it as a human bandage of work inspired by god,...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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