Compare and Contrast Analysis: White Wowork force vs. Black manpower on the Issue of Suffrage
By Ruby Snow
History 1301-11/20/2008

In the confluence held in New York City by the American Equal Rights Association in May of 1869, the reappearance of suffrage was thoroughly discussed. It was obvious from statements do by charge members that most were in favor of suffrage granted to face cloth women first and the negro later. They had various reasons why they felt face cloth womens suffrage was more important than corrosive mens suffrage. Considering the fact that there were no ingloriouss at this meeting the comments and suggestions were very biased and at times very prejudice. The next paragraphs outline the arguments and various reasons why black mens suffrage should come before white women.
One of the major(ip) reasons why the committee members thought that the negro should not be granted suffrage first was because they believed all negroes were ignorant. Thus they were unable(predicate) of making educated decisions about something as serious as who would govern the country.

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Many comments such as this one made by the committees president, Elizabeth Stanton, who did not believe in allowing ignorant negroes and foreigners to make laws for her to obey were repeatedly mentioned throughout the meeting. If the cognizance level was such a major anxiety for the concourse attending the meeting would negroes being allowed to vote not be the first step towards alleviating the illiteracy problem? Perhaps if black men were allowed to vote then they can elect psyche who would improve education for people of color. Just like they could be taught to pick cotton, speak the English language, and understand the fundamentals of Christianity black people could learn how the government works and how to pick the scoop out man for the job when voting.
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