Virginia Colonies

The plurality in the Virginia Company were the world-class mountain to realise the arduous 4-month journey to Virginia based on funding inclined by king James. They founded the first settlement of Jamestown, and since the beginnings of colonization in Virginia, the settlers have faced problems. The settlers of Virginia faced problems because of the small number of plurality who migrated to Virginia, the geography of Virginia, the native spate animateness there, and the economy of the natural colony.
One of the obstacles the people of Virginia faced was tickting enough to people to actually join the settlement. The organization of England wanted the people who lived in Virginia to send back valuable goods, and produce their own food. However, the first expedition in 1607 was comprised of adventurers and traders, ill fitted for settlement life. To boost income, and increment the number of people living in Virginia, the English government set up a headright system, which gave every man who move to Virginia free land. England also reworked the government of Virginia from a military-style regime, to a government run by local leaders. These changes caused 4,500 people to move to Virginia.
The people of Virginia also faced problems because of where they chose to settle.

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The swamplands of Virginia were disease-ridden, and were unfit for cultivation. These two things caused serious obstruction to those settlers trying to survive. Although the settlers didnt find a good instruction to fight off the diseases, (in this chapter) they did solve their food problem by taking land from the Indians.
The Native American Chesapeake tribe living in Virginia often caused problems for the new colony. At first they traded feed for cloth and hatchets, but as more settlers wanted land, the tribe threatened war on the basis that the Virginians wanted to meet over them, not trade. Once many more people came to the colonies, they demanded land that the Native Americans had, causing war. The Native Americans...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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