Lindisfarne Newspaper
793 A.D-813
Viking Take all over!
On 793 A.D it was a normal day until our churches were attacked by Vikings. It was there easiest target because it was an isolated location and was poorly protected. Since our churches contained ornaments do of silver and gold it made the Viking more anxious to attack. They killed every(prenominal) single one of our monks and burnt the building.
After two historic period of being attacked. Our neighbor Iona on the west coast of Scotland in 802 A.D.They came once in a while but it became at times and soon settled in our village setting up permanent camps during the winters.
Every year the Danish became less deleterious and less violent. Some Dane became Christians and citizens, but some only created destruction.

Danes suffer Lindisfarne to the Saxons.
Danish rule lasted 20 years and then it was returned to the Saxons. When Alfred the capacious came to the throne, his whole kingdom was in dis hunting lodge. Spite of great difficulties, he unified the Saxons, rallied his forces, and won a great victory over the Danes at Edington. As a result of this victory, Guthrum the Danish attractor agreed to become Christian and settle peaceably within Alfreds realm.

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