Semai Culture
Laurie Henderson
ANT 101
Georganne Gabrielli
March 14, 2011

Semai Culture
The Semai People are
I pass on explore the way this culture lived years ago and how it exists today. I will share with you many aspects of the culture by explaining the Kinship, Social shaping as well as the beliefs and values this culture is ground on.

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In recent years, the Semai have undergone even more changes than the Mbuti, becoming petty-commodity producers and wage-workers, with the privatization of property, trade union movement exploitation, and individuali-individualization as results. Nevertheless, food still seems widely shared, if less liberally than before, and social differentiation and gender inequality are as yet incomplete results of commoditization.

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The religious system of the Semai is complex but does not distribute rise to any religious leaders or elite. interchange to social organisation and the regulation of inter-personal relations is the concept of punan. covert in punan is the idea that making someone unhappy, especially by frustrating desires, increases the probability of that person suffering physical injury. The smell of punan pervades their whole lifestyle and influences matters such as child bringing up and sexual relations.

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