The Sinaguas economy was heavily focused on deal out with other tribes from near and far. The Sinagua became maven of the most successful traders of the past Southwest around 700 AD. They didnt just trade from colonization to village, but went as far north as one hundred miles with the Hopi and as far south as Mexico. whatsoever of the items exchanged were shell jewelry, cotton cloth, argillite, pigments, copper bells, season, decorated pottery, and compensate live macaws. Millions of years ago, when the limestone was forming, massive droughts caused evaporative salt to heap up in a lot of places in the surrounding area. then when the Sinagua settled here, they gathered the salt and used it for trade as well as many other things, which made salt one of the most valuable resources to the Sinagua. Most importantly, through trade, not only did they attain many valuable goods, but in addition a large flow of ideas were exchanged with other tribes bring to the shaping of the Sinagua culture.
The Sinagua were very spiritual people. Anthropologists can describe around of the ceremonies and rituals that the Sinagua practiced by studying the petroglyphs, artifacts, and by comparing them with other tribes, especially the Hopi.

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any(prenominal) of the artifacts found were turtle shell rattles, feather bundles, medicine bags made of prairie dog skin that contained antelope hooves, and prayer sticks that were calico blue and green. The Sinagua believed in the supernatural and forces beyond the dominion of the mankind experience. The priests and witchdoctors of the tribe tried to control these forces through feelings, thoughts, and spells. The Sinagua performed ceremonies and rituals in a lot of different arrangements like rectangular community rooms, and kivas. Some of the most important ceremonies they performed were communal hunting rituals. The ceremonies were led in general by men, but compellingly they worshiped a goddess named Tihkuyiwugti. She was the mother of most of the wildcat they hunted like...If you want to get a full essay, put up it on our website: Orderessay

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