Napoleon"s Life

Napoleon Bonaparte:
Hero or megalomaniacal autocrat of the revolution?

Having considered the evidence, I believe that napoleon should be considered jolly of a hero.

I think napoleon is roundwhat more than(prenominal) of a hero. He was more of a hero than more of a tyrant (enemy of the people) because he was an excellent leader. He invigorate his troops by telling them that they would stick their own countries but they did not survive in Russia, so that adds to the list of disobedient things that he did. He spoiled them with gifts, valuables and money that they stole from conquered countries. He trained his troops very good and had excellent father in the field and was very smart. His specialty was weapons and tactics; this is how he won so many wars (with his tactics, not so much with his solders). He won lots of battles and conquered many countries, for example, Ulm, Austerlitz and Jena, and criterion the armies of Austria, Russia and Prussia.

Napoleon Bonaparte was in a time where the agricultural of France had no real laws and no government, so he make some. This law mandate was called the Napoleonic code. This Napoleonic code, or code Napoleon (originally, the code of civil des Français), was the cut civil code, enforced by napoleon in 1804.

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The code made it so that royal decisions were not made by birth, freedom of religion, made government jobs most important. Women also muzzy theyre rights, school became a mandatory neverthelesst.

FUN point: The Napoleonic code is still used in some countries today!!

However, I could argue that napoleon was more of a tyrant because he was power hungry, out for his own anchor ring and he put his own family in charge of countries, even know he knew the people there despised them. He got exiled twice and died in exile; also, every time he conquered a country, he took as much as his host could carry and sold it to people in France.
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