Buddhism was a great contri providedor to the development of art in lacquer. There were three main periods of development between the ordinal and fourteenth centuries. These periods were named as the Nara period (up to 794 CE), the Heian period (794-1185 CE) and the post-Heian period (1185 CE onwards).
Prior to Buddhism in Japan the main religion was Shinto. Buddhism seeks insight done meditation and praying while Shinto seeks purification through with(predicate) water rituals and the belief of Kami (spirits and gods).
Buddhism was prototypal introduced to Japan from China in the mid fifth century. Chinese Buddhistic priests were sent from Korea to Nara Japan to set up several Buddhist schools. It was not sole(prenominal) a new form of religion for the Nipponese but it also introduced new styles of architecture, sculpture and painting.
The biggest visual impact through Buddhism in Japan were temples and sculptures. Over 80,000 Buddhist temples are even preserved in Japan with religious paintings on the intimate and guard statues on the outside. Sculptures of Buddha were also common.
The Japanese took on the single-valued function of the devoted student and many trips were taken back and aside from China by Japanese Buddhist scholars who gained some(prenominal) noesis and art skills.

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From then on Buddhism flourished and the Chinese art that was once imitated evolved into indigenous art with its own unique style.
Buddhism became part of Japanese society with thanks to Empress Suiko (554-628) and the well educated Prince Shotoku Taishi (574-622) as they both openly encouraged the acceptance of Buddhism among all Japanese people. In particular Prince Shotoku Taishi as he was responsible for establishing Many Buddhist temples and the artwork involved on them throughout Japan. By 627 in that respect were 46 Buddhist temples, 816 Buddhist priests, and 569 Buddhist nuns in Japan.
In the seventh century Prince Shotoku Taishi also helped to establish one of the first and most famous Buddhist temples in Japan, the Horyu-ji temple.
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