I think the Paleolithic artist cayed the discordant paintings to connect their lives with the animals and nature around them. I believe that they were paying(a) tribute to their surroundings, trying to bring their surroundings emotionally and spiritually closer. The way the art was created shows me that there was great thought into what would be depicted. The people cared about the outcome of the art and took care to present it in remote areas to preserve it.
In the painting of the wounded Bison, Altamira, Spain, ca, 15,000-10,000 BCE, the bison are painted in dark, unlit, caves. They apparently planned to paint therefore created light and scaffolding to complete the art. The time and military campaign needed to complete such a task shows me that they cared and cute it to represent the way the bison seemed to exist with the artist. This alleges me that there was a expression for the animals and even though at times they had to hunt them, they cherished to show the glory and awesomeness of the nature that surrounded them.
The Spotted Horses and world Hands, Peche-Merle Cave, France, ca 16,000 BCE is another example of the relationship between the artists and the animal. This occurrence piece had been created by umpteen artists.

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I think that many members of the tribe created this together, perhaps a collaboration to show their hold of the animal or on another note to tell of how it keep be captured. The artist apply the form of the sway to make the shape of the horse. Many different hand prints were used including women and children, to create the naturalism of the spots. Even though the stone seems to support a realistic view of the head, looking closer we can see that the head is unnaturally small. Perhaps this represents the feeling of perception over the animal because they were able to capture it.
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