The Not So Dark Ages

The Not So Dark Ages
The Dark Ages was not an set aside title for the years between 500 and 1500. This is because in the seventh through 15th centuries there was religious structure, business advancements, and feudalism.
sustenance in the ticker Ages was tremendously shaped by religion, in particular Christianity. People in the middle ages attended Church some(prenominal) times a day, and government and religious rule ofttimes overlapped. This dates back to around the 800s when Charlemagne was spreading the Frankish Empire, and would writ of execution those who would not practice Christianity. Another example of this is how the Pope was satisfactory of calling for a crusade. This proves that the church had rule over everyones affairs, even outside of church; so that incorporated with press release to church several times a day makes it promiscuous to resolve that the Church had a large affect on everyones life. Fortunately the Church impacted the people with writings and Gothic arts and architecture. (Caselli, Giovanni. The Middle Ages. )

More evidence that The Middle Ages were not Dark is that their Feudal government provided for all hearty classes in The Middle Ages. In Feudalism, land is exchanged for portion or labor. And in many cases, a schoolmaster gave this ploughland to a serf .

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Although the land was still technically the noblemans land, even thought it was the serfs that farmed on it, the serfs still had to carry out small tasks around the manor like caring for his animals; only when in return the Lord protected the serf from bandits and provided them with housing. The archimandrite of Peterborough holds the manor of Alwalton and vill from the lord king directly; which manor and vill with its appurtenances the lord Edward, formerly king of England gave to the said abbot and convent of that place in free, pure, and perpetual alms. (The Dark Ages. World History in context Database. ) This is a quote from a serf that talks almost how the king gave this land to be used as a manor accordingly so that it will always...If you want to farm a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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