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The Sui Dynasty was a short-lived dynasty running from A.D. 581 to 618 that had its capital at Daxing, which is at present Xian. Emperor Yang Jian or Wendi (r. 581-604) founded the Sui Dynasty by unifying China. The dynasty restored Confucian rituals from the Han Dynasty, succession supporting Buddhism. They also built the Grand Canal and rebuilt the enceinte Wall. Wendi conducted a census, standardized coinage, and simplified taxation. The next emperor was Yangdi who restrict up a second capital at Luoyang. He was murdered in 618 and was succeeded by Gongdi.
Subsequent to the collapse of the Han dynasty in 220, China was at a loss for leadership. For approximately cd years the north and south remained estranged until Sui Wendi of the brief Sui dynasty at once again unified the two halves of the country. However the Sui dynasty did not furthermost long and wasnt able to re-establish Chinas grandeur. It wasnt until 618 when the Tang dynasty emerged that China was reinstated back to its full splendor.
The Tang Dynasty, pursual the Sui and preceding the Song Dynasty, was a golden age that lasted from A.D. 618907 and is considered the high school point in Chinese civilization. The Tang capital metropolis was at Changan (Xian). Along the silk trade route, Changan welcomed traders from Korea, Japan, Syria, Arabia, Iran, and Tibet.

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The first Tang emperor was a Sui contender, Li Yuan (Gaozu), who created an efficient bureaucracy. He distributed set down to maximize the number of tax-paying males. The second emperor was Li Shimin (Taizong), who came to business leader in 626 through sibling murder and forcing his father to abdicate. disdain his start, Taizong went on to become a great emperor. He disappointed Turkish enemies and expanded China westward (the Tang came to march on the Caspian Sea). The dynasty had extensive contact with people from the West and reached its peak in the early 8th century, but then, following defeats at the reach of the Arabs and Thai, and internal rebellion, decline set in.
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