Unit 3 Essay


Answer the following in a well melodic theme out page long essay. Remember, a well written essay will have few or no spelling and syntax errors and will have an introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You will be graded on content, organization, and spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Based on your readings and Class Connect information, which do you come digest is the strongest branch of government and why? 

Make sure you back up your opinion with facts from Class Connects, readings, quizzes, and current events.

If you use orthogonal resources (internet, books, and non course specific materials) you must cite your sources using in text citations and a reference page. Use MLA or APA drift citations.

This assignment is due by 11:59 PM on October 5th.

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(30 points)

|Category |1 point |2 points |3 points |4 points |5 points |Score |
|Spelling, |The receipt |The response |The response |The response |The response | |
|Punctua-tion, and|contains 10 or more |contains 7 to 9 |contains 5 to 6 |contains 3 to 4 |contains 2 or fewer | |
|Grammar |errors in spelling, |errors in spelling, |errors in spelling, |errors in spelling, |errors in spelling, | |
| |punctuation, and/or |punctuation, and/or |punctuation, and/or |punctuation, and/or |punctuation, and/or | |
| |grammar. |grammar. |grammar. |grammar. |grammar. | |

|Rubric |Score |
|Category | |
|Content | |
| |____ X 5 = ____ |
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