Slave Entrey #1
Today was my first day with my new owners clobberings on thither cotton plantation. I am very(prenominal) frustrated that i got split up from my family. Around here the other slaves and I are c exclusivelyed field hands. During my job I am supposed to plant and pick cotton, I shit from sunrise to sunset. The owners say that they will take some of the throng working on the plantations and make them work in the master home, in the masters home we deplete to make dinner, do the laundry and clean up the house. You only get to work in the home based on trustworthy doings because field hands work the longest.

Slave Entrey #2
Today was some other back breaking day. I was kind of bummed that i neer got to to be picked to work in the home, the reason was that i was to young person and non responsible enough.For some slaves it would be a good idea to keep your scaning and writing a enigmatical because some of the other slaves say that whites dont want black slaves to read or write because they might encourage them to run away.But i would never run away Ive heard what happens to people who do they get killed or whipped.They to a fault say that some whites enured their slaves by giving them gift sand money for doing a good job, others are treated poorly and with no operate at all, our owners do neither.

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Slave Entrey #3
Today wasnt as badness it started raining and the masters said we could go inside.It was fun because we all sang songs. I learnt sometimes that sometimes if all the slaves realize good behavior they will set us free. we also got a new slave in today she is received nice she is 23 and she comes with great news.she said that the abolitionists started a lawsuit to try and end slavery.The Southerners are beginning to stick up for slavery in what is being called the pre-slavery movement.

Slave Entrey #4
Today was unbearable. It was also hot to stay in the plantation but we were not aloud to come in. I havent slept in 2 eld i am sick and most of the slaves had gotten beaten. most have tried to...If you want to get a full essay, value it on our website: Orderessay

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