Malaysia: Imperialism

Malaysia: From the 1500s till Today

II. Malaysia Post-Colonization
a. Climate, Location, Geography
* Two billets of Malaysia separated by southwesterly China Sea; Malay Peninsula set(p) north of Singapore, eastmost of the Indonesian islands, directly south of Thailand; East Malaysia located on Borneo Island. [M, pg 11; TBftBJ, pg 19]
* Monsoons, mainly East Malaysia, cause precipitation of speed of light inches annually that create the Malayan tropics. [TBftBJ, page 20]
* Rivers like the Pahang (295 miles) and the Perak (150 miles) employ for transportation and fishing, both located in Malay Peninsula. Rajang and Sarawak river (both 350 miles) located in East Malaysia.[M, pg 19-20]
* Generally hot, wet, humid all course of instruction round; temperatures rarely below 22?C.
b. Religion
* Most of Malay Peninsula ruled from Sumatra island as Buddhist empire in which the innovation of the religion is a path to Nirvana, or heaven. [M, pg 39]
* Hinduism and Buddhism large part of peninsula for 1500 years until Arab traders introduce new religion: Islam.[M, pg 40]

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Government Structure
* Malay states during 1400s-1500s ruled by a sultanate and laws written show lick from Indians.
* Little is known about Malaysias past, however.
d. Further Back
* The discovery of a 40,000 year old skull in the Niah Caves or Sarawak in 1958 gives a notional starting point to pre-history in Malaysia.
* Negrito and Senoi, Malaysias first immigrants, originated from central and southern Thailand, 2500 BC

III. Malaysia During Imperialism
a. Early Colonization
* In 1511-Portugal attacks Malaya twice in order to conquer it, failing once and bring home the bacon the second time; rule ending in 1641 Dutch East India Company takes Malaya from Portugal to end their rule.[CLIO]
c. Britain Colonizes Malaya
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