Treaty of Versailles

Explain why the Germans hated the Treaty of Versailles?
There were triad main springs why the Germans hated the treaty of Versailles. The first case was the humiliation it brought upon Germany, the second was the lack of defence they were allowed. The third reason they hated the treaty was because of the loss of money, land and uniting with Austria universe forbidden.
The Treaty of Versailles brought humiliation upon Germany because the Germans had to seize blame for starting the owing(p) War, this would lowly Germany would lose their dignity and pride. It was wrong to force Germany to accept the blame because it wasnt really Germany who caused the war, it was a mutual transcription with the countries because everyone thought it would be over by Christmas.
The Treaty of Versailles in any case affected how Germany was allowed to defend themselves. They couldnt consider an army bigger than 100,000 men, they werent allowed more than six battleships, and they werent allowed to build submarines, planes or tanks. Also they couldnt keep troops in the Rhineland. These terms of the treaty were more to split Germany and ensure they wouldnt be strong enough to attack France again. Britain was also trying to weaken Germany because Britain thought they threatened the British Empire.

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The other terms of the treaty meant that Germany could not combine forces with Austria, they had to lose land to France and Poland, they had to lose colonies to the ally and they had to pay £6,600 million in reparations. The problem with this is that the Germans didnt have the money to pay for all the reparations, and by losing land and colonies it would mean they were being sent backwards when they are trying to preserve in building their empire. The aims of these terms were to either weaken Germany, get the Allies, or punish Germany and get revenge.
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