Spanish American War

The Spanish American war was sparked by the Cuban Revolution. Cuba had been bit for several decades to gain independence from Spain. In 1985, Cuban Nationalists rebels began burn sugar plantations, hoping to either persuade the Spanish government to die Cuba independence or to induce the United States aide. In response, the Spanish government send General Valeriano Weyler, after to be nicknamed The Butcher, to Cuba with 50,000 troops to quell the rebellions. Thousands of Cubans were killed in soaking up camps which General Weyler ordered to be built. refresheds of Weylers fiery oppression elicited the sympathy of the American public, who demanded their government for forces intervention in Cuba. Although both Presidents Cleveland and McKinley viewed war with Spain unethical concord to the founding principles of the United States, public opinion eventually won out. Pressures caused by the Cuban revolution finally persuaded President McKinley to view as war on Spain in 1898.
Although yellow journalism did non propel America into war with Spain, its aggrandized and questionable accounts of Spanish atrocity in Cuba fueled American war support for war. nakedspapers such as John Pulitzers World and William R.

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Hearsts New York Journal profited by publishing exaggerated reports of General Weylers horrifying treatment of Cubans. The low-cost of publications such as these make them available to a wide audience. Public outcry prompted the Spanish government to remove Weyler from his post in 1897, but by then tensions had already developed between Spain and the US. In February of 1898, the New York Journal printed an intercepted letter from Spanish minister, Dupoy de Lôme, to the US, which harshly criticized the president and outraged Americans. A week later, a U.S. battleship called the Maine which had been sent to protect American citizens in Cuba exploded in the capital of Cuba harbor. Although the cause is still uncertain, yellow newspapers spread the suspicion...If you want to check a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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