The Ghost Dance and Battle of Wounded Knee

The haunt bounce and Battle of Wounded Knee During the unite States campaign westward there were many an(prenominal) people ripped from the knowledge domain they owned for most of their lives, integrity of these people being the Sioux Indians. thither were many battles within the disposals relocation program of the Sioux people; one endeavor of a major battle was the uprising of a worship that has been come to known as the Ghost saltation religion; and the major battle occurring subsequently and directly from the non-violent Ghost Dance religion was the Battle (or Massacre) of Wounded Knee (Massacre, 2). During the 1880s the unite States government had managed to confine almost all of the Plains Indians on reservations, ordinarily on land so poor that the Awhite men@ could ram of no use of it for themselves. The rations and supplies that had been guaranteed to the Indians by treaties were of poor quality, if they arrived at all. imbed and putridness were rampan t in the Indian Bureau; and firearm attempting to obeisance this problem, a move was made to recruit Quakers to take the positions as Indian agents, but not nearly complete Quakers responded to the gripe for volunteers. The Quakers who did arrive tried convert the Indians to Christianity, with not much(prenominal) nifty results.
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By 1890 conditions were so bad on the reservations nationwide, with starvation existing in many places, that the situation was ready for a major execution to rise among the Indians. This movement found its subscriber line in a Paiute Indian named Wovoka, also known as Jack Wilson, who inform that he was the messiah who had come to earth to prepare the In dians for their salvation. legion(predicat! e) representatives from tribes all over the nation came to Nevada to meet with Wovoka and take on to leap the AGhost Dance@... If you want to get a full essay, narrate it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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