Applying Leisure Viewpoints to Playing Sports with Children

This paper aims to explore four varying viewpoints or concepts of unoccupied and how each of those four differing perspectives applies to play sports with children. Playing with children is perhaps oneness of the few activities that would certainly be considered void in exclusively but the most obscure of cultures. I institute out fret to explore the strengths and weaknesses of the following four perspectives of vacant concepts as they keep ones shoulder to the wheel into to playing sports with children: Puritan Christian; Leisure as physical process; Neulinger?s Perceived Freedom; and, Leisure as a Function of Social Class. Each of the different conceptualizations of leisure approaches leisure from a different perspective, thus each will withdraw a different level of applicability when analyzing playing sports with children. For my activity, I chose to play around with a soccer swelling at a local park for several hours with my eight-year honest-to-god half(pre nominal) brother, David. This activity is something that is extremely out of the ordinary for a categorization of reasons. Firstly, I r atomic number 18ly interact with young children. At university I study with my peers who are my age while my coworkers are sort of a lot older than me. I eff on my own and do not regularly spend verse with children. Secondly, since my brother?s parents divorced when he was quite young, I rarely get time to see him which has restrict the things we are able to do together. On most occasions our activities are limited to family dinners. Finally, the majority of my free time activities are indoor(a) based, much(prenominal) as watching television, movies, etc. This is not because I put on?t like the outdoors but I live downtown in quite an urban locality with limited park access and chronic homelessness/drug issues. In short, the milieu is less than conducive for outdoor activities. For these reasons, I feel... If you requirement to get a ful! l essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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