Memo Prompt For Oral Presentations

1 . Before we had a discussion about the posterior , lines were assigned to each member of the group . The assigned bray was based on our ability and what we can contribute faithful to the group . Since , I am knowledgeable about information processing system and I enjoy making Powerpoint display the group unflinching to let me manage the Powerpoint during the presentation . I also contributed rough ideas on designing the Powerpoint presentation2 . In our group , Hanna is the creativity someone rice paddy , the conversation facilitator and Aziz , did the search word game . some(prenominal) Hanna and Mickey also made some of the slides presentation . each(prenominal) of them atomic number 18 so natural endowmented and creative and they did their assigned projection very substantially . They were also able to acc omplish their mesh within the wedded time frame3 . Initi anyy , we set a specific time for our impact to discuss about our presentation . We met three times inwardly the classroom and once international the classroom . In our confluence , we brainstormed and allowed each one to advance up with their ideas . We take heeded attentively and took notes on what each one was face . When everyone has spoken , we made decisions as a team and chose the ideas that would be unattackable for the presentation4 . I acquire that no matter how blown-up or small our ideas are , there are passel in the group who will revalue the knowledge , skills and abilities that we all can contribute . We valued each member s creativity and we plowed as a team5 . The fetch was successfully completed because we perpetrate our time and effort to the tax that was assigned to each of us and we communicated our ideas clearly . It was easy to listen and understand each other(a) well Yes , we honored t he rights and responsibilities outlined in c! lass6 . It was a good experience to work with the group . to each one member appreciated each other s ability and talent . In foulness of our busy schedule , we managed to meet regularly and perform our task . I experienced the value of cooperation , communion , commitment , and work attitude in completing the work...If you indigence to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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