Ethical Dilemma

Working in the medical field, nurses encounter several venerable dilemmas. One dilemma most oft observed in my daily practice is the adversity for patients and their families concerning chronic affection. Patients with chronic indisposition display multiple looks; guilt, fear, anxiety, shame, fatigue and depression. Nurses should educate the patients and families these argon continuous feelings and then assist them in a healthy manner. This is own(prenominal) for me because I run into a crap on an oncology unit and protrude the shin for the families first hand. These patients are diagnosed with earth-closetcer and are often presumption a certain time frame to live. I view myself taking care of the patients along with their families, physically and mentally. As oncology nurses, we are advocates for this group of inveterate ill patients. I take exceptional pride and effort in providing information on the sickness process, providing treatment choices, and educating thoroughly on managing symptoms to live a musical note life. The quality of life of individuals experiencing cancer-related fatigue whitethorn be slight than satisfactory. Recommendations are for treat practice to purify care of individuals piteous from cancer-related fatigue (Visovsky & Schneider, 2003). When I was in nursing school, I finished a hospice rotation and vowed I would never expire with chronically ill patients. I thought it was the saddest affair to go to work daily to care for dying patients. disco biscuit years ulterior after gaining experience and maturity, I shake up had a transfer of heart and go in to work to the same dying patients but with the attitude I can make a difference. Did any of you ever share this feeling? Reference: Visovsky, C., Schneider, S., (Sept. 23, 2003) Cancer-Related drop Online Journal of Issues in Nursing Vol 8 No.3.If you want to mend a full essay, order it on our website: Or derEssay.net

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