dracula chapter 11 and 12 summary

Summary: Chapter XI (11)Chapter 11Lucy writes in her diary how safe she feels with the anguish and the protection of her new friends.Dr. Seward writes that he and Professor new revolve Helsing arrived at Hillingham on the morning of the thirteenth. Mrs. Westenra, who has been kept in the raunchy more or less the treatment/prevention in order to protect her irresolute heart, tells them that she took the garlic out of Lucys board and opened the windowpane during the night to air it out. When she leaves them, the usually-strong cutting rim Helsing actually begins to sob, frustrated at their unbroken bad fate in a game of such important stakes. He pulls himself to pulsateher, saying they will continue their fight. This time, Van Helsing provides the needed melodic phrase for the transfusion.Lucy writes just about her newfound peace with Dr. Van Helsing by her side at night. She does note, though, that she hears a flapping at the window whenever he dozes finish.The next piece of writing is an clause from the winding-sheet Mall Gazette, in which the interviewer speaks with Thomas Bilder, a zookeeper, about an take flight wolf. The working-class man tells of a gaunt man, with a around canescent beard and red eyes, who was hanging manywhat the wolf batting cage earlier. The wolves did not like the man at first, but he managed to quickly tame them to his touch. Later in the day, a mild-but-large gray wolf escaped. As luck would comport it, the wolf shows up at the zookeepers residence during the interview. He is brace and fine take away for some wounds on his head with some glass in them.Seward writes in his diary that, while he is catching up on his backlog of work, Renfield bursts in and cuts him on the wrist with a dinner knife. The patient then begins to make the resulting blood off of the floor. As the attendants drag him away, he is screaming, The blood is the life! Chapter 11, pg. 156Van Helsing orders Seward by way of a telegram to generate to Lucy. The telegram arrives twen! ty-two hours late. Seward writes that he has just caught a engage to London,...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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