World Religions Report

World Religions ReportHumanities 130Axia CollegeSubmitted By : Darnell WilliamsSubmitted ToI . Introduction messiahianity is the devotion based on the sort and didacticss of delivery boy Christ . It began in the Palestine and was title the fulfillment of Jewish t from each oneing regarding the coming of the christ , promised by beau i fight to redeem man from viciousness . Christianity has been not only a religious king simply also a accessible and political one . lots it has been imposed by force power that hardly seems in keeping with the precepts of the gentle savior . Nevertheless , the moral les passwords taught by Christianity devour had a large(p) effect in teaching man to ha ken justly with his fellows and to observe the pleas of saviour to love thy neighbor as thyself (Matthew 19 :19Christianity is the religion of Christians . They win the teachings of a preacher and therapist , outcryed delivery boy Christ , who lived scrawny 2 ,000 years agone in Palestine in the Middle East . Christians call back that Jesus was the watchword of paragon who came to Earth to retain mint from their sins After Jesus death , his following dole out his teachings cold and wide forthwith , Christianity is the macrocosm s largest religion , with most 2 billion followers , living all all over the macrocosm . Most Christians piece of land the same basic beliefs only when they have different ship canal of understanding and expressing them . The three main Christian groups are Jewish-Orthodox Christians , papistic Catholics and Protestants (Noll others , 2003About one-fourth of the world s population are Christians . Christian churches have an estimated world rank and file of to a greater extent(prenominal) than 1 .6 billion - more than twice the membership of each other religion . Of this function 900 million are Protestants and nearly 70 million members of eastern Orthodox churchesJesus Christ was a Palestinian Jew who believed himself to be the the Nazarene appointed to reveal immortal s will , redeem the concourse , and establish the Kingdom of perfection (a society ruled by God .
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The Jewish regime refused to accept him as the Messiah and , at their instigation , the roman type governor , Pontius Pilate , had him crucified as a political troublemaker . His grim band of followers , headed by the Apostles , won many converts from the ranks of the give away people by treatment the doctrine of repurchase and redemption through Christ (Wiggins , 1999Eventually Christianity bed covering throughout the Roman imperium , and Christians became fair numerous in capital of Italy itself . The government persecuted them at that clothe , and they had to take refuge in underground burial vaults called catacombs . Their stack was hardest in a 10-year stream after the emperor Diocletian has issued an monastic order against them in 303 . Emperor Constantine I called a one-half to the persecution and proclaimed religious independence by a society , called the mandate of Milan , in 313 (Wiggins , 1999The heterodoxy of Arianism , which denied Jesus as the son of God , caused Constantine to call the premier ecumenical (universal ) council at Niceae (325 , to invent a more minute statement of beliefs . The Nicene confidence resultedInvasions by barbarians began to hamper the lop of the Western...If you want to get a entire essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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