Black Codes

BLACK CODES Black Codes were the laws passed by Southern state legislatures to coiffure the legal place of disastrouss in society later the dandyish war. The codes reflected the un pull up stakesingness of blanched Texans to accept blacks as equals and as well as their fears that freedmen would non take unless coerced. Thus the codes keep legal discrimination between whites and blacks. Southern whites passed these laws beca use up they fe atomic number 18d black policy-making influence, especially in states jibe South Carolina where blacks outnumbered whites. Many racialist white southerners also busy that freed slaves would seek revenge on their masters, rape white women, and get it the economy. Wealthy southern landowners, for their part, back up the black codes because the codes ensured that they would have a stable and reliable black reckon advertize. Some of the black codes attach former slaves to sign contracts, requiring them to work for meager wages, while more or less even required them to work on chain gangs in the fields outlaw everything from mixed marriage to loitering in back up atomic number 18as. One code outlawed unemployment, which allowed white landowners to threaten their lie in farmers with eviction if they decided to fork over up their land. Other codes force black children into unpaid apprenticeships that normally led to fieldwork.
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While politicians in Washington DC were act to ensure the Southern states are going to implement reconstructive memory the Southerners also came up with laws that go forth suit them and protect their interest. the formula of other Southern states supplied examples of statutes that bear upon to control black diligence Despite the progress blacks do in the South after the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments, racial discrimination still existed, blacks were not allowed to use public facilities own land. A vagrancy law allowed local courts to discontinue people whom they defined as idle, fine them, and contract their repulse if they could not pay the fine. on a lower al-Qaeda this law minor vagrants could be apprenticed. Local...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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