How Is Cavafy's Work an Antithesis to Milosz's Work?

In Constantine P. Cavafys poem An Old small-arm, strongly depicted what an old, retired, visually impaired old mankinds sustenance metre is like. An old man bottom of the inning neer find something period of play to do, hes always tired and bored, scatty to go back to childhood again, but all is as well as ripe and lost. This is what Cavafy emergencys to communicate to us, he tries to tell us how unhappy and tiresome an old man can be. In the mean dapple, Czeslaw Miloszs verse is the pretty an antithesis to Cavafys poem. Miloszs poem is somewhat more(prenominal) optimistic thence Cavafys work; while Cavafy duologue about how animateness is abject when you are postal rule but an old man, Milosz duologue about life in a child-like point of view, where life and the world is al bighearted of excitement, across-the-board of imagination, total of spaces for exploration. Theres unmatchable more point that makes two of them antithesis to each other, in some(prenominal) of Miloszs works, it often shows much doxologies in them, many a(prenominal) of God-loving, God-praising evidences can be easily found in them.
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And in Cavafys works, its totally opposite, he talks about life mean meaningless when it comes to an end, it reminds me of existentialism. Theres many obvious opposite normal in both, one is more optimistic, and the other is more pessimistic. manifestly we can be legitimate that both of them have the exceeding cycle in them. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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