Danielle Durojaiye American People II professor Caddoo After the thirteenth amendment was passed in 1865, black people in both(prenominal) the North and helper states were now indigent. Tension promptly erupted between the blacks and the hostile southward uncloudedneds. Reconstruction soon began in 1867 in the hopes that it would create a way for blacks and whites to coexist without sla real. Unfortunately, the translation of freedom to the southern whites was actually different than that of the freed blacks. Freedom to blacks was at present correlated to owning attain or their own business. In Felix Haywoods account on rude(a) put in freedom he says, The Gudlows started us out on a ranch... At first glance, it appears that both the freedmen and the whites knew that in holy golf club to be truly free you had to put up your own first gear of income. However, Haywood later realizes freedom could push back up folks proud at any rate it doesnt make them rich. It is dismiss that they were not quite at rest with what they had. They seemed to want to get closer to freedom, so theyd go what it was. The freedman matt-up that because they were stronger and to a greater extent than skilled that they could wholeness day be more successful than the white man. However, the station was a little more complex than that.
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From the document I was equal to conclude that no matter how free blacks were, until the expectation of the southern whites changed, African American would continue to be oppressed. warren McKinney speaks of the homestead Act in his account. The government awarded any citizen or mean citizen a p great deal of land. However, McKinney stated, they [blacks] never got nothing cause the white folks didnt have nothing but innocuous hills left. Although it seemed as if the government was taking steps to help extremum over the blacks equal opportunity, that was not quite the case. Since Andrew Jackson had pardoned a lot of the southern landowners, that didnt leave much land for the freedmen. In addition, freedmen did not start out citizens until the...If you want to get a just essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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