Guilty As Charged

On December 1, 2008, an sincere woman, Trudi Doyle, was shot twice in the chest, causing her death. It has been determined that the rounds were dismissed from the gun of magic trick wrap field, her assert lover. Skepticism comes into fiddle when concluding whether or no. this dig was malicious or involuntary. Based on the testimonies of ternary knockoutes from twain the commonwealth and the defense, I have declared the defendant, rump diamond, shamed of murder in the first distributor point. The commonwealth started make the attempt with their first witness, Dr. Jane Pierce, the medical examiner who inspected Trudi Doyles corpse. The bullet holes were obvious, moreover at bottom the be plugger gear wound was a wristband fragment from the watch bracelet on the left wrist. This uncovering suggests that the victim was shielding herself from the morsel gear shot. It was in addition revealed that in that respect were no powder burn down on the body, meaning that Trudi had no contact with the gun with the shots were fired. The second witness was an employee at the truck Stop Café where the murder took place. Beth Kelley was a confrere and good friend of Trudis, and had lived with her for six months. She was unaware of any(prenominal) activated issues of the victim, and problems in their relationship. She did in duration know that there had been just about indicate of Trudi moving with Mr.
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rhomb to the west in the travel fewer days of her life, and spy the appearance of the two public debate the mansion prior to the shots. John Diamond blocked Trudis steering back into the café after shaking her head no. Beth also recollected the time between shots being 5-10 seconds and, enough time for her to hie back to the kitchen to stand by an new(prenominal) employee. She also saw Trudi chuck her hand over her spirit after the first shot, to the highest degree likely in the painfulness being shot. One other(a) witness with a army background described a similar time pull up between shots. Other witnesses uprise the jury on the bizarre position of John Diamonds gun on the morning of the murder. It was loaded, cocked, and...If you want to turn a full essay, nightclub it on our website: Orderessay

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