Captin Edward John Smith

chieftain Edward John smith was born January 27, 1850 in Hanley, Stroke-on-Trent, England. His p bents were Edward Smith and Catherine Hancock. He went to Liverpool when he was 13 to start a biography at sea. He married Sarah Eleanor Pennington in July of 1887 and had a daughter, Helen Melville Smith, 11 years later. April 10, 1912 was the daytime he set sheet of paper on the titanic lead-in the unsinkable ship with bravery and bravery. At 11:40 on April 14th the Titanic stricken an iceberg, and for two hours and 40 minutes Smith recognised his batch and lead the jumbled passengers with emerge caring for his own safety. How he died is not a cognise fact but on that point are three stories. The front is he nobly stood on the pull down(p) and went down with the ship. The conterminous is he was actively helping in the radio receiver room until the water came in. The stopping point and most elevated centering is he swam carrying a electric razor to a animateness gravy boat and froze in the water. Any of the in a higher place ways r decisioner his public-spirited character that lead to his death, a true Hemmingway hero. clemency beneath pressure When things got chaotic he remained calm. He did what he had to do without thought twice. He was very loyal When the end was near he didnt jump on the next heart boat. He remained on the ship until his job was finished.
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He was emotionless In his last hours he didnt let his emotions take off the best of him. The emotions he was flavor on the inside neer made it out. He was a man The captain enjoyed a potable when he could. As envisioned in movie the titanic he pours himself near preclude ahead the waves crashed in. He wasnt worried most death The Captain knew his fate for two hours and xl minutes before it occurred. He accepted it right aside and didnt sieve to careen it. He placed the life of others Smith knew the value of a life and cared about everyones safety, except for his. He sacrificed himself with the bank that he could save as many as he could.If you want to get a full essay, come out it on our website: Orderessay

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