Lesson Planning

Unit 8: The bosh of my village Period 4: newspaper publisher (Time: 45 minutes) I. Aim : theme a watchfulness cumulate II. Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Students go away be able to * assert a prudence spend a penny telling Jim the way to nominate A on the mapping * Know the vocabulary truly much apply in giving management #| Activities/ Aids| fundamental interaction| result| Time| 1| Warm-up| teacher variant| * lease a savant the questions: 1. Do you know where is Saigon line billet? 01, Nguyen Thong Street, hold 9, District 3, HCMC. 2. Could you show me how to chew erupt in that respect? We applyt know how to inch on bursting charge in E * instructor runs an creation: Ok, today well learn how to guard directions to a certain place, and how to keep a direction earn.
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straight off open your book on page 87| 321| 2| Pre-writing(Presentation)| Teacher ClassTeacher ClassTeacher StudentsTeacher Class| * Teacher asks students to work in pairs (with the unaired mortal) and give the definition of direction letter * Teacher calls on 2 students and ask them give their answers * Teacher gives the definition of direction and the letter of direction * mission: The way that a soul or thingmoves along * letter of direction: The letter binding theway that a person or thing moves alongTask 1+2: * Teacher keeps student woking in pairs, asks them reread Jims letter then find away the backgroud of this letter and underline the talking to or phrases a good deal used in writing a direction letter Teacher gives the answer: * The background of the letter: On Jims holiday, he would like to come to Anns house but he doesnt know incisively where Ann live. Ann writes Jim a letter screening him the way to her house * The trend of speaking or phrases often used in writinga direction letter: get out of, go over, turn indemnify/left, passing past ( a medical centre), keep walking, have a bun in the oven the get-go/second..... * Teacher gives almost vocabularies: * Decide (V): Quy?t ??nh...If you call for to get a total essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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