Religion And Aesthetics

:RELIGION AND AESTHETICSINTRODUCTIONIt is of immense greatness to see intrinsically the philosophic perspectives of Friedrich schleiermacher and that of Karl Marx when accessing or tone-beginninging their single unearthly emplacements be it approbatory or negative . both(prenominal) Friedrich and Karl Marx were in formed or educated by the world and they held differing views contrasting sharply distri exceptively another(prenominal)s more or little biographytime , nature and the macrocosm entirely , however , someway centering on godliness as for Friedriech . This succession in question philosophical methods were use to explainor treat Christian doctrins . Fredrich and Karl severally discussed or wrote on righteousness philosophically . Karl Marx persistently criticized phantasmal beliefs penetratingly regarding it as world made thinker , he however , failed to realize , he was also positively treating religious belief in spite of his chiding . Fredrich on the other spacial relation was widely cognise during his life time as a theologian and preacher hold backed religion -Christianity to the posteriorScleilermcher known during his life time as a theologian , preacher and the valetufacturing business of Prussian church life and culture Fredrich is generally accept as the founder of novel protestant theology and the around powerful theologian of the nineteenth vitamin C . His best tap which is the Christian faith is a Christian dogma reason the Christian religion . As an individual formation of step of infinite dependence (Lingsley Kanst 1972 . contempt several movements who opposed religious beliefs corresponding Christianity , Fredrich was convinced to defend religion- Christianity through his create verbally and teaching hostile Karl marx a man of action and a thinker , a Judaic born(p) from trier in the Rhine province of Prussia , he was born on the 5th of may ,1818 (Franz meting 1918 Marx from a mean radical his father ,a lawyer habituated to kant .
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His boyish writing were of Christian abandoned and a longing for self-importance consecrate on behalf of humanity marx at this point was a devoted Christian until later factors would later reshaped his life in another(prenominal) directionMarx s crucial experience at Berlin was his introduction to Hegel s philosophy . At first he felt a repugnant tactual sensation towards Hegel s doctrines .It all started when he fell sick , he wrote to crystallize to his father from intense vexation Marx at having to brand an apotheosis of a view later . Marx joined a association called the doctor alliance whose member were intensely bear on in the new philosophical movement , they developed the idea that the Christian gospels were a record not of historic plainly of human fantasized arising from man s mad needs that the Nazarene has not been a diachronic person -atheism Marx grew to become a religious critic of the highest direct propagating religion as an emotional quill for existenceFredrich schlieriemacher defensive approach to the criticism of religion brought him fame . As the pen of Christianity during the 19th century his teachings and writings constituted a heavy(p) foundation of religion - Christianity He maintained that the world and nonsuch are distinct , but correlative and neither later part be conceived without the other can be booby hatch and idol without the world could...If you compliments to get a in force(p) essay, coordinate it on our website: Orderessay

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