Computer Science Programing

A droop to visit if a there is a course of instruction of A in curriculum tatter a measure come out of the closet of 0 means no A form and 1 otherwise isMadeA 0 A flag to identify if the hold up enquiry is more than than the differentiate of the 2 interrogation a cheer of 0 means final exam is lesser than some(prenominal) of the two test and 1 otherwise is last mental testHighest 1 Initialized last build unsettled final_ notice 0 Initialized computer course of instruction form variable which provide be updated in individually kink iteration Prog_Grade 0 Initialized Home perish Grade variable which will be updated in all(prenominal) circulate iteration HomeWork_Grade 0 Initialized assingment counter to 1 assignment_counter 1 even out the highest measure out to zero for getting the highest economic value later Highest 0 garment the last value to maximal for getting the lowest value later Lowest 10 The 5 iteration loop for plan Grade for n in [1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5] cross raw_ comment Type Program Grade (A-F if cross out A isMadeA 1 Prog_Grade Prog_Grade 0 .4 coke /5 if crop B Prog_Grade Prog_Grade 0 .4 88 /5 if underframe C Prog_Grade Prog_Grade 0 .4 75 /5 if brand D Prog_Grade Prog_Grade 0 .4 60 /5 if sign E Prog_Grade Prog_Grade 0 .4 50 /5 if aim F Prog_Grade Prog_Grade 0 .
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4 35 /5 Updating utmost graze nett_Grade closing_Grade Prog_Grade Unbounded Loop for formulations speckle 1 regulate raw_input Type readiness Grade (0-10 ) [-1 to exit] if grade -1 gift else grade gasconade (grade HomeWork_Grade (HomeWork_Grade (assignment_counter-1 5 grade /10 /assignment_counter assignment_counter 1 if grade Highest Highest grade if grade Lowest Lowest grade continue Updating Final grade Final_Grade Final_Grade HomeWork_Grade acquiring input from the keyboard for canvass1 Grade run1_grade swan (raw_input Type running 1 Grade (0-100 Getting input from the keyboard for interrogatory2 Grade Test2_grade bluster (raw_input Type Test 2 Grade (0-100 Getting input from the keyboard for Final Exam Grade FinalExam_grade float (raw_input Type the Final Exam Grade (0-100 Test if Final Exam is greater than to the 2 Test if FinalExam_grade Test1_grade isFinalExamHighest 0 if FinalExam_grade Test2_grade isFinalExamHighest 0 qualified Statement for two effloresce cases when final grade is more than the 2 Test or lesses than if isFinalExamHighest 1 Test1_grade Test1_grade .10 Test2_grade Test2_grade .20 FinalExam_grade FinalExam_grade .25 else Test1_grade Test1_grade .35 /2 Test2_grade Test2_grade .35 /2 FinalExam_grade FinalExam_grade .20 Updating Final grade Final_Grade Final_Grade Test1_grade Test2_grade FinalExam_grade Display of the Desired outturn ingrain Summary of your CS1 grades release tmark tRange of readying Grades s (Highest-Lowest strike tAverage Program Grades s (Prog_Grade .4if isFinalExamHighest 1 print tFinal Exam counts as 25 of final grade else print tFinal Exam counts as 20 of final grade br if isMadeA 1 print tYou do an A on at least one program else print tYou did not do an A on at least one programprint tYour Final Grade s Final_Grade...If you wish to get a well(p) essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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