On “The Road Not Taken” Draft

On The Road non interpreted It is not funny for a work to be mis see or misinterpret from the authors authorized intentions, and 1 of the best employments is the case of Robert Frosts poem, The Road Not interpreted. For as long as it has been read, The Road Not Taken has been interpreted as one of the well-nigh foremost bastions of individualisation and as a justification the idea of not succeeding(a) the crowd. The most commonly held interpretation of The Road Not Taken is that it is a story of a man traveling in the woods. He comes across a fork in the lane and aft(prenominal) seeing that one of the paths is well worn by early(a) travelers, decides to effect the path less traveled. The last two lines, I took the one less traveled by, /And that has made all the residue (lines 19-20). atomic number 18 seen as proof that he is well rewarded for his individualism. The verity so far is that upon closer examination, Robert Frosts true intentions couldnt be further from the aforementioned. In piece of music this poem, Frost wanted provide a comment on human nature and, to show that people typically bumble time thinking about what argon in the destruction unimportant decisions. .
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Firstly, the name of the poem,The Road Not Taken, places parlance on the road that the teller doesnt travel on, and the structure is as follows: four five line stanzas with the rhyme structure, ABAAB. The setting is a yellow wood(1) and there is mention of leaves on the nib in third stanza, so it is assumed that it is the fall and in a metaphorical sense close to the end of the mans life. In the first stanza, three of the five lines begin with the word and, a nd lyric such as doubt sigh, and sorry are! common, so it can reasonable be assumed that the fabricator is the nervous and indecisive type. Throughout the poem, Frost uses the fork in the road as a metaphor for a decision. For role model the narrator says, long I stood, and looked down one as far as I could/To where it bent in the undergrowth; (4-5). The...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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