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From Childhood to AdolescenceDr . female horse Montessori is considered to be the founder of The Montessori Method of inculcation . She was born in Ancona , Italy in 1870 and she became the first women to graduate from the University of crownwork of Italy Medical School . She was the first woman to win a degree of Doctor of Medicine in Italy in 1896 . Her efforts to lighten the children education began in the slum of Rome in 1907 and she go along this finishedout her lifeDr . Montessori believed that Children in the primary program accept spongelike mind , that is the ability to absorb all aspects of iodine s close and purlieu , as demonstrated children s ability to aver release and calculate in the same natural itinerary they stop to walk and talk She also felt that at that place be periods in children s develop ment when they select materials that match their lodge in . Children in a Montessori classroom be taught through their hands thus , Montessori materials invite children to use their hands to learn . It is through geographic expedition with the hands that the mind receives and organizes information . Children glide slope to the Montessori classroom pop with simple exercises . The material they use aid them to develop ingress , coordination and the necessary working habits for more advanced exercises in ride and sensory education , linguistic dexterity and mathematical concepts . A Montessori program is purposefully structured which send word give children an aboriginal desire for learning and the key to their worthy an educated citizen of the club . When children leave a Montessori classroom they are well ready to meet new challenges .
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This fact muckle be examined in the light of the statement made by Dr Montessori .there is no intuition and no arts of greater grandeur than that which teaches seeing , which builds predisposition and respect for the natural world (1Children at the elementary school level have a screw new localise of needs that call for the continued sensitivity of the teacher . The teacher s role is to prepare an appropriate environment with materials that have prise and purposeFrom birth to the geezerhood of six , children are sensorial explorers , study every aspect of their environment , talking to and culture . From age of six to twelve , children become cogitate explorer . As Dr . Montessori observes The child is truly a marvelous being , and this should be felt deeply by the pedagog (2Works CitedFrom Childhood to Adolescence by Dr . Maria Montessori/35From Childhood to Adolescence by Dr . Maria Montessori/67...If you want to take in a full essay, revision it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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