My Four Personas

Journal Prompt: My Life In Four Forms I am a rose; sweet and delicate. Although I am alluring, my emotions argon not easily tapped in to, for you must affirm past my thorns. With all my beauty, it may be hard to actualise past my rosy scent and petals of excitement-however, I, too, am flawed. From first regard I have it allbeauty, independence, charm, and grace. But my thorns carry my weakness, jealousy, byplay organisation, and barriers. I hate how I limitm so perfect and idealistic, for my problems are more than skin deep and they come from my roots. I am the opposite of the underdog, and that I hate. Society overestimates me, and I always vexation of letting people down. My thorns are personal barriers I mint candy up for myself. Struggle and worrying are two of the greatest enemies of happiness. When we retard we are the obstacles to our lurking happiness within, we have some choices. I know everyone sees my outer beauty, but I doubt anyone lead accept me once they find my thorns. I am frightened of being completely known about, because I feel I have oh so much to hide. Every rose has its thorns. I am a sailboat. I am driven and adventurous, and am ready to take on any challenge. I go with the flow, and seem to hold up wherever the waters take me. I love ocean, river, lake-water. Just as I love spend, summertime in return loves me.
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Summer gives me a warm bath, amuses me with its waves, and advertises me with its tourists. I travel to islands, tropics that you couldnt even imagine, and even peril out to chilly coasts. I enjoy pleasing people, so following navigation pronounces is no problem for me. I see the world in two: land and water. W! ind is my shell friend. We play together: he blows me around and I get word his flighty air. When mad, he causes hurricanes. When worried he lays low, making sure as shooting the air is flat and nothing can happen to me. travel from horizon to horizon, I taunt Mother Nature; solicit her for more and more action. I test my limits oh so often, lone(prenominal) am grounded...If you want to get a full essay, tell apart it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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