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LITERATURE REVIEWCitationBerk , S . G , Gunderson , J . H , Newsome , A . L , Farone , A . L , Hayes , B J , Redding , K . S , Uddin , N , Williams , E . L , Johnson , R . A , Farsian M , Reid , A , Skimmyhorn , J , Farone , M . B . 2006 . Occurrence of give amoebae in chill towers comp ard with inseparable aquatic environments implications for emerging pathogens . Environ . Sci . Technol . 40 7440-7444Purpose of the haveLegionella-like amoebal pathogens (LLAP ) argon known to shake infections in human beings . Since these organisms argon demonstrate to infect amoebae and these amoebae are found in body of piddle bodies like diversify towers , the authors precious to whether there is any difference in the accompaniment of LLAP infect amoebae between change tower urine and irrigate from inseparable sources in presenc e of the varied conditions . This is of interest because findings from this study whitethorn show whether cool down towers are reservoirs of this bacteria , and whether these towers located at hospitals , industries , universities and other buildings are potency sources of respiratory infections like pneumonia . If these alter towers are found to harbour these microorganisms , these could be a authorisation breeding ground for many infections , where the aetiology is not confirmedMethods adoptedFor go aboutting an answer to their research question , the authors took water samples from cool down towers and ingrained sources , and compared the presence of infect bacteriae . They as well as heedful five environmental parameters preponderant in both these sources , which are associated with the occurrence of bacteria , to verify whether these conditions in cooling towers and inbred water sources could assure the occurrence of infected amoebaeMajor results of this study The authors collected water samples from coo! ling towers and natural sources in sterile containers . They also deliberate pH , turn organic coke , temperature at the m of sample array In more than 50 of cooling tower samples (22 fall taboo of 40 , infected amoebae were found . In comparison , in only 7 .5 (3 out of 40 ) of natural water samples , infected amoebae were found .
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It was also found that as pH and dissolved organic carbon increases , the likelihood of finding infected amoebae increases . The authors concluded that there is 16 times more find to find infected amoebae in cooling towers than in natural sources and these amoebae from cooling tower samples were infected with legionella species bacteriae or other LLAPsOutc omes of the studyThe authors interpret that water from cooling towers frequently contain amoeba associated bacteriae and these bacteriae are found at wide range of environmental conditions in cooling towers . The results look upon that cooling towers are sources of infectious pathogens like LLAPs that can release respiratory infections . This supports the hypothesis that cooling towers are potential globe health threats as they pull in the breeding ground for amoeba associated bacteriae . The results imply that we should check for the surmisal that new amoeba associated microorganisms could be developed in cooling towers under the prevailing conditions . The authors conclude by saying that these cooling towers carry the potential to lead to the evolution of new bacterial pathogens...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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