E5. Describe the Issues That Affect the Planning of a Challenging Environment for Children.

E5. Describe the issues that concern the planning of a ch every(prenominal)enging environment for children. at that place are many issues and reasons that could affect the planning for the children; these take on policies and procedures, health and prophylactic, supervision, childrens ripes, age/stage/abilities of the children, childrens choice, and resources avail able. Policies and procedures at bottom a shot during activities are reall(a)y sober for event safe guarding policy, this is important because we need to shambling certain(p) all the children within the setting are kept safe and no harm can come to them or is able to go under out to them for example, locks on doors, baby gates, finger trapping devices. To make this non affect the planning, cater know what to do to make for sure all the policies and procedures are met and stay within the nursery. Children fuddle the even out to play, right to an education, right to prepare healthy and clean meals they have the right to do almost as much as adults. These rights could affect the planning because the children have a right non to take firearm in an activity they dont want to, so it is better if the activity involves all the children.
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devolve is important in every setting, thither are genial faculty to child ratios, this would mean that if at that place arent large staff consequently they wouldnt be able to take part in an activity altogether because there will be too many children. This then think in with the types of setting because it could affect the planning, if there is children who are creation child minded, there is only one adult compared to still many children there are . The resources affect planning because if ! the setting doesnt have enough money to buy the equipment to play then the children wont have anything to play with. Also if the resources arent clean this would affect the children and prevent them from playing with the toys. Health and safety can closing the children from taking part with activities within a setting because it is important that you think about...If you want to get a full essay, fiat it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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