Dialect, Sociolect, And Idiolect

Dialect, Sociolect, and Idiolect A. Dialect 1. The definition of set phrase The term set phrase comes from greek spoken run-in diakletos which is employ in 2 different ways. One usage refers to a variety of a linguistic communication that is characteristic of a particular propose group of the manner of speaking speakers. The other usage refers to a verbiage socially subordinate to a regional or home(a) banal speech communication. For example in our national standard quarrel ( Bahasa Indonesia) there are several patoiss minang dialect,Javanese dialect,and sundanese dialect for instances and in our regional standard language ( Bahasa Minangkabau) there are several dialects such as Payakumbuh dialect,Bukittingi dialect, and Pariaman dialect. A dialect is distinguished by its verbiage for example the standard vocabulary apo (to say what) in Minang language can be aya in Malalak dialect and a in Bukittinggi dialect, grammar for example the standard En glisa grammar mark me what do you know becomes give tongue to me what thou knowest in Yorkshire dialect, pronounciation or phonology for instances in American English a word duty is pronounced /di:ti/ but /dju:ti/ in British English, in Betawi dialect a word ending in a countenance be pronounced e kemana /kemane/ siapa /siape etc. Many crystalize sum think that dialects are corrupted form of a language spoken by ignorant people who confuse mistakes grammatically This is not at all true. A standard language is not linguistically better than other dialects. It is simply the dialect that has been adopted for official purpose such as organization nad education.
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