Collapse of the Greenland Viking Settlements

The Vikings arrived in Greenland from Iceland in 980 A.D. By 1000 A.D. around 5,000 sight lived there in small farming communities. For several centuries the Viking purification in Greenland maintained close ties to their European brethren through trade. that by and by 450 years several events led to the collapse of the Greenland Viking refining. The break lot contact the Greenlander Vikings had with other Europeans was in 1406. Archeological evidence suggests that by 1435 all or nearly all of the Vikings had disappeared from Greenland. What happened? How could a civilization last for more than 450 years and, then, suddenly disappear? The colony story: According to Icelandic Sagas (oral or written histories) Eric the blushful dance bandtled Greenland when he was banished from Iceland for killing several people. After exploring the island for triad years Eric returned to Iceland calling his finding Greenland and boasting of its abundant resources: farmland, freshly water and animal life. Attracted to the many possibilities, many from Icelandic Vikings migrated to Greenland. Upon their arrival, the Vikings restore evidence of human inhabitants, the Dor adjust people. Later the Vikings came into contact with the Inuit who were migrating across the frozen following prey animals.
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Contrary to popular belief, the Vikings were principally farmers and traders. Greenlanders set up farms, raised cattle and sheep, fished and hunted. They traded Arctic furs and ivory with Iceland and Scandinavia for indispensable items lacking in Greenlands harsh climate, such as large trees for roof beams and boat building, iron for weapons a nd tools, and cultural artifacts for the chu! rch. The Vikings in the beginning settled in two areas on the western margin of Greenland, known confusingly as Eastern Settlement (near the tip) and western United States Settlement (approximately 300 miles north). The Western Settlement supported by chance 4,000 inhabitants spread out in small farms. The small Eastern...If you command to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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