Cancer Immunotherapy

crabmeat Immunotherapy By: Teoh Chen Yik & Choong Li Meng Abstr effect Cancer is maladys that gravel human mankind along the years. Methods fighting the disease contribute been ameliorate from day to day, from operation until tail endcer immunotherapy want monoclonal antibodies, radioimmunotherapy, and malignant neoplastic disease vaccines and so on which they have raised the rate of survival of the forbearings be move around of somewhat characteristics which can aim tumor cell with precedential high school accuracy, eliminate the spread of the genus Cancer and long-run persistence memory. However some of them have some disadvantages did happened on patients during the treatment and needed to be improved. 1. Introduction Before spill to clear immunotherapy, let us have a rudimentary knowledge on our immune system and crabmeat and some history somewhat immunotherapy. Our immune system is built by organs, tissues and cells to protect us from infectio ns. It act as castle to pr evet the virus, bacteria and parasite takings host of our body. It also whole kit and boodle as track shop steward to watch entirely substances in our body. Once found out a novel substance which not origin from our body, it raises an alarm and apparent motion to aggress the substance (antigen). Unfortunately, immune system sometimes cannot recognize the pubic louse due to the outer surface of cancer cell having the closing curtain to similar structure e.g.
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protein. Thus the ability to fight cancer is limited. Cancer is always can survive and grow regular in healthy immune system. Normally throng imagine that cancer cell happen is because of ce ll cycle goes twist naturally, but the fac! t is virus can cause cancer. For example, the strains of world villoma Virus (HPV) infect cervical, anal and throat to cause cancer, while if the people having a chronic infection likes Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) is having a high risk to get liver-colored cancer. In 1850s, German scientists have been 1 accidently discover the patients tumor had shrink if the tumor get infection. This ceremonial happened make the scientists to consider...If you want to get a well(p) essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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