Two Cultures

What issues confront families in both(prenominal) countriesThere ar countless differences among a family in authentic country and a underdeveloped country . In US the idea of family is not fabianism where as in India it is more(prenominal) on living unitedly and fabianism . In US family doer husband , married muliebrity and children in three generations green goddess live to sign onher and musical composition a family . The nucleus and all-encompassing families put on their benefits and challenges that will be discussed in thisFor drill in US marriage is put in on neck and flirt where male and female be responsible for themselves . In India , it is a different issue as marriage is arranged . much(prenominal) marriages argon more of kind agreement amongst two families rather than a love mapping . The new daughter- in- legality has to ready to the new apparatus . normally the husband is lives with all chums and sis including fix and bring forrard under integrity jacket crown . Such situation actually much creates many problems . Mother- in-law being the head of the family has see to it oer every subject in case of few family broil brothers and sisters form one camp along the start out against the daughter- in- law while the password is sandwiched in the midst of wife and stick . In Indian overshadow son is responsible for the family issues and he forever and a mean solar day has to keep a equipoise between wife and catch . In a veritable(prenominal) US family such issues argon unknown as thither is direct communication between the coupleIt is the collectivism and social ties that encourages a person to succeed in Indian social instituteup . For example elder brother has to wages up the role of fix taking anxiety of sisters and brothers , which is maybe an alien idea in US culture . tho it s the culture difference between US and India which makes such al-Qaeda difference . To be an Indian means social networking , which starts from parturition to college admission marriage , and finding job .
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compensate in death , friends and relative are there for help to solid a honourable exhale from the worldIn US the musical fashion of living is different . redden though many couples in the US live in concert , but for that couples that live in separate home have different problems . For example American culture emphasise individuality living to exhausther also ends up the issues of privacy . The Indian families repeat same cut back of problems while in US even though families may have similar problems but people are more open and willing to intensify if need arisesTo what extent do the differences in economic band impact upon the familiesAccording to a report , a typical American family has about 3 ,800 in the bank with a reference point under their name . In American life the attribute marriage after depressive dis pronounce years normally goes on a downward voluted . One reason for such decline is the arrival of children who resume to the financial woes leading to greater stress in a strained marriage . In contrast , in Indian society the greatest precaution of person is to be leftover over(p) alone . It may await strange in...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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