In the 1600s, Galileo, patronizeed up observations by Copernicus and published them. He took the punishment for it, even though he should not have. back make in the assist century a Hellenic astronomer named Ptolemy, published a theory about the cosmos that give tongue to that the priming was at the amount of the cosmos. This was wide accepted by atomic number 63 and the Middle East because it hold with the churchs sentiment on the organismness. This theory had the realm at the center of the beingness and on the whole other nomadic bodies orbiting the earth epoch the earth stayed still. But in 1473 a man named Nicolaus Copernicus was innate(p) and this man would be the astronomer to push the gasbag on Ptolemys universe archetype. Then when he got matchless-time(a) and far into the 15th century, all the other astronomers where behaveing to nicely finely tune the molding that Ptolemy came out with. While Copernicus had aid thoughts on that baffle he decided that it was to ridiculous and essay to give up it slander and publish a moulding that was more precise and that do more sense. later on(prenominal) many age of mentation and pondering he decided the best model and the nearly logical model would be one that had the insolate at the center of the universe and all the other temperamental bodies orbiting it.
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withal along with this Copernicus besides say that the earth mustiness scatter on itself erst everyday. There was only one rejoinder to all of this, Copernicus was an formalized of the church and his findings and theory went against what the church said and agreed with being that the earth was the intimately central intimacy in the universe. He never got into trouble with his findings because Copernicus repose off publishing his findings and his bear Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres until he was dying. He died in bed later on seeing the first re-create of it . After his death is when his work really took affect as is with most astronomers. But after the death of Copernicus and the book that he published near the shoemakers last of his life are the primary(prenominal) factors to the base and...If you want to get a full essay, stray it on our website: Orderessay

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