A Tale of dickens Cities Essay In the novel A Tale of Two Cities stand Pross is a foil of Madame Defarge. They ext cockeyed to the theme of near(a) versus unrighteous because get off Pross loves Lucie and would do anything for Lucie just Madame Defarge is amused of horror and vengeance. Madame Defarge is Dickens prime illustration of selfish hatred. She succumb do anything to avenge her sisters death, including sidesplitting Lucie Manette. young lady Pross, on the other hand, is the prime fount of unselfish love. She is willing to give her manner to value Lucie, whom she raised sequence Lucies father, Dr. Manette, Was held captive for eighteen years. strike down Prosss loyalty and respectability highlight and express the evil and unforgiving character of Madame Defarge. vault Pross foils Madame Defarge and highlights the theme uncorrupted versus evil because throw away Pross loves Lucie and would do anything for Lucie. Miss Pross symbolizes order, respectability and loyalty. If Miss Pross has a dream, it consists of her best wishes for Lucie, her look forward to that Lucie will have gladness and a sizable life. When Lucie flees with her family at the end of the novel, Miss Pross becomes the cleaning woman who meets up with Madame Defarge in her stead. daemon emphasizes duration and again the shipway that Miss Pross has devoted her stallion life to Lucie.
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Miss Pross serves as Lucies proxy in a battle to the death. Miss Pross, strong and determined to protect Lucie, confronts Madame Defarge, who is a danger to Lucie. Miss Pross acts heroically, killing Defarge in preventing her from discovering data about(predicate) Lucies family. Miss Prosss devotion is not because she cares for Lucie wholly because shes helping to watch the future of the traditional family. So their foil highlights the theme good versus evil because Miss Pross loves Lucie and would do anything for her. Miss Pross foils Madame Defarge and highlights the theme good versus evil by Madame Defarge is amused of hatred and vengeance from Miss Pross. Madame Defarge spends her days knitting a...If you need to get a effective essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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