Family Culture In Messopotamians,hebrew, And Greek

br INTRODUCTIONMesopotamian is a strict name employ to interest to Babylonian , Assyrian Summerian and AkkadianAll cultures involved with old-fashioned Mesopotamia sh atomic number 18d the same chronic rectitudes e .g . Babylonian police force : this is one of the most considerably drafted laws it tell marriage as a form of brand ones palms , but inseparablely a contract between husband and wife it allowed groom to cave in for the part . Incase of decouple (which was a husband s ending ) the law allowed a instalment of music to restore dowry and if a wife had borne him children it was stated that he had to cater for their ineluctably until they grow up . The law too highlighted Adultery where both(prenominal) parties were punished by worn-out to goal The law believed in an eye for an eye penalisationHebrews : Their cultures were sited check to Judaism .
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They used Noahide law which apply to all humankind , these laws includes barricade against fear , rampart against sworn statement , Prohibition against murder , Prohibition against theft , Prohibition against sexual immorality , and Prohibition against feeding the outgrowth of a existent animal Anyone who was caught violating one of the Noahide was subjected to a death punishment this penalty was practiced to the seriousness of an offense . new(a) view of the noahide law holds that penalties are details of Noahide law and that Noahides essential determine details of their lawsGreeks : they were slight civilized compared to Hebrews and Mesopotamian although they were deeply unearthly people they worshipped idols . It wasn t until the gist of 17th century BC that the Greeks established the 1st semiofficial law which assigned change over out as punishment for homicide...If you want to get a dear essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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