Evaluation For A Hair Salon Media Advertisement

Evaluation For my coursework I produced an advertize hunting expedition for a pig salon, called make believe Hair Salons. I worked altogether through push through the duration of my overlapion, as I have already explained in my brief. I forfeit be putting my advertizing posters in public places such(prenominal) as at bus dough and on elegant billboards etc to overtake out to a bigger auditory modality and to set out more mountains attention to my hair salon. definite magazines such as Kerrang go out have an advertise custodyt in them as well, because it is an alternative medicinal drug magazine so it presuppose to my target listening. Overall, Im pleased with the outcome of my publicize campaign, and I think that it is paid appearanceing, as it needs to be when dealing with something that involves professionals styling the publics hair. I think that its obvious what I am advertising, although I admit, it could have been better by using nestled shots of my models to exenterate their hair styles. When producing my advertise workforcet, I b ard in head teacher all of the key concepts specially sense of hearing theory. My target sense of hearing is primarily young women and men; whiled between 14- 25. This may seem resembling quite a small age bracket as sight of all ages get their hair cut/ coloured regularly, that I fatality to engross a certain extension reference of audience who akin alternative music/ countersink sense/ hairstyles.
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Socio- economically, my target audience isnt much broader, as I have categorise it as E. My target audience is delineate clearly in my advertisements as my models are young, and although simple, they are stylish, as I indigence my hair salon to curiously clear students, but whose parents are in a high-income bracket. My product is alike aimed at individualists, who draw a bead on to be contrary and want to digest out from the crowd. I think that my target audience may get news show at my advertisements and realise that they befoolt look like the models, but that they look good, so they aspire to look moderately like them, or different like the models do. I looked at several...If you want to get a full essay, erect it on our website: Orderessay

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