Questionnaire On Acceptaility Of Retail Pharmacy

Sampling Plan 1. Target Population We go forth portion out the population on the basis of age and income level. Income level: higher(prenominal) income theme, Middle income group and first baseer income group. Age: Group1 (18-30yrs.), Group2 (31-40yrs.), Group3 (>40yrs.) 2. Sampling mode We will be apply a non-probabilistic technique i.e. stratagem sampling as it is the well-nigh cheapest and easiest to conduct. Data for the research will be collected from the stack visiting different retail outlets corresponding FMCG outlets, app bel s outlets; people living in and near Ahmadabad; medical practitioners who be hired by hospital chains the likes of Apollo, Escorts etc., open pool of friends 3. Sample size For questionnaires, the sample size will be 60 people, 10 from each category. We will audio/ film record a maximum of 10 people. Retail healthcare Services fall out Questionna ire Convenient Care Clinics (CCCs) are health care clinics rigid in supermarkets that treat uncomplicated pincer illnesses including colds, ear infections, flu, allergies, little skin conditions, and preventive care such(prenominal) as vaccines and provide obstructive health care returns. They are sometimes called “retail-based clinics” or move into medical clinics. CCCs are commonly staffed by nurse practitioners (NPs) or physician assistants (PAs) or physicians and fit on First-come, first-serve basis; waits typically no longer than 15 minutes and provide low cost medical service including medicines at competitive prices to customers. Q1. ar you aware about the to a higher place mentioned apprehension of retail HealthCare Services? 1. Yes 2. No Q2. To what degree, do you like the concept? 1. Not Acceptable2. Can’t study3. Good 4. thin Q3. How many times in a workweek do you visit supermarket? 1. None2 . One3. Two4. Three Q4.What is comely ! personal spend/ family spending (Rs.) on medical go (including...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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