Are the Built and Natural Environments Capable of Existing or Performing in a Harmonious Combination?

Are the create and internal environments capable of existing or performing in a symmetric combination? many a(prenominal) other(prenominal) theorists support sought to examine the relationship between the make and indwelling environments, between architectures semisynthetic structures and temperaments knotty ecosystems. Are they compatible or willing they always be at odds? Does architecture take on an inherent disposition to extract from and destroy the natural naive realism? Within this essay I seek to discuss the hatchway of both environments existing and performing in a harmonical combination, ultimately concluding that although biomimetic architecture asshole bring buildings, cities and neighbourhoods make full to a positive connection with nature, their relationship will neer be completely harmonious. The built environment refers to all(a) man-made framework products erected for human activity. These products lav range in case f rom wholeness buildings to entire neighbourhoods. In contrast, the natural environment refers to all life-time and non-living things that occur naturally without any human contribution.[1] Intuitively, we visual gumption these two environments to exist in contrast with one another(prenominal); the simple, confined spaces of architectural design seem incomparable to the vast, mingled and limitless landscapes of nature. However, uniformity has never been a necessary specialize in the existence of a harmonious relationship. Diversity can exist and is often favored. What is necessary is the absence of exploitation or harm to one another, the presence of a mutual system and lack of detrimental competition between parties. The important question is therefore, whether such a relationship exists between the built and natural environments. Intuitivetley, the answer is no. Architecture appears to be advancing at a drastic pace, both in quantity and open quality. Building s are being constructed at a faster heart ! and soul up and newly incorporated technologies are not entirely group meeting but exceeding their inhabitants needs....If you want to disturb a salutary essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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