Advanced Placement join States History_______________________________________ Mr. KuhnUnit 10: humanness contend I-twenties STUDY GUIDE You are responsible for the Brinkley readings from the 1920s (end of chapter 23, alone of chapter 24) the Great Depression (chapter 25) and the clean Deal (chapter 26). You likewise were designate chapter 13 from Deglers Out of Our Past on the New Deal. There are guides for each reading in a higher place except chapter 24, for which there was a powerpoint presentation. another(prenominal) materials: 1920s themes and tensions, which was mostly coupled with AP Language & Composition PowerPoint, chapter 23, origination War I PowerPoint, chapter 24, the 1920s Sample DBQ on tensions in the 1920s Chapter 23: America and the Great War Items to hypothesize The background factors and the immediate sequence of events that caused the joined States to declare verbalise of war on Ger many in 1917. The contributions of the American military to affiliate victory in World War I. The extent of governing control of the economy during World War I and the results of much(prenominal) control. The use of propaganda and the extent of war hysteria in the United States during World War I. The formalised American objectives for entering the war. Woodrow Wilsons successes and failures at Versailles.
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The circumstances that led the United States to reject the Treaty of Versailles. The sparing problems the United States faced at one time by and by the war. The reasons for the Red Scare and the upsurge of racial exci tement in postwar America. VOCABULARY ! Total war Triple entente Triple Alliance Neutrality Lusitania Pacifists Interventionists election of 1916 Unrestricted triggerman warfare Zimmerman Telegram Russian Revolution American expeditionary Force selective Service Act African-American soldiers public John J. Pershing Trench warfare Armistice...If you call for to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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