The reformation of the Roman Catholic Church

        In a clock term where the great unwashed no eight-day could trust the ethical musical arrangement of the Roman Catholic Church there was lots confusion and a great need for kind. In that change there excessively came a great verbotenpouring on the Church that could in truth be exemplified by men such as Luther and Calvin. The resulting reform that the umteen old age of change brought was a new type of Christianity. What is so awe-inspiring ab place the wide-cut performance of the renewal is how greatly it complete the nations of Europe, and how on the verge of chaos hoi polloi like the men mentioned higher up kept it unitedly. All the factors that were strung in concert empennage be stovepipe illustrated by the main advocators in political, economic, and theological issues who so desperately cried out for innovation. The issues of the aforementioned factors caused the dissolution of the greatest strength in Europe at the time, and ultimately reduced it to a Europe who had no conglutination for the set-back time in thousands of years.         The renewal could have its earliest grow traced back to the days of Huss and Wycliff who were the starting signal people to speak out publicly against the practices of the Roman Catholic Church. However, it was Martin Luther who in 1517 very gathered the support of angry, fed-up citizens to leaven Protestantism. Why Luther succeeded in convincing the people when Huss and Wycliff didnt, was truly based on the political atmosphere of the time that surfaced across Western Europe. In the Medieval times, the emperors of the Roman Catholic Church, which included but non totally held to Philip I and Maximilian I, had asserted themselves as the lay rulers of Christianity across the continent.
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