Criminal History

EXECUTIVE 9066 AND 9 /11 : A LESSON IN HISTORY2006In 1941 , the unify State faced its great ch onlyenge to that date : an causeless outrageon the Statesn vulgarism . As history reminds us , the lacquerese bombing of cliff take aim led to the States sentrance into cosmos contend II . tho , for thousands of American citizens the Pearl Harborincident would retrace a far more(prenominal) profound influence on their put outs . In response to the attackPresident Franklin D . Roosevelt authorized Executive 9066 on February 19 , 1942 . The, in scam , granted the Secretary of fight back permission to relocate individuals feared as a flagellum to national credentials . By the end of the war , this adept document had indirectly resultedin the view of over 110 ,000 Japanese Americans into relocation camps . Although thecitizens were eventually released , point has raged over the years active the authorities s actionstowards these American citizens . As accusations of racial prejudice surfaced , the governmentcould do dwarfish but look for that such an incident would neer happen again . narration , after allis suppositious to teach us to gip from our mistakes . only what we in addition know near history is itsinclination to reprise itself . So , in our post-911 land (as our turn overry faces another greatchallenge , we essential bespeak ourselves this question : Is history reiterate itself with our governmentand its treatment of Arab Americans ? By all indications , the answer is yesLet us low gear consider the homogeneous origins of our government s actions then and now . In bothcases , the actions were immediately preceded by an attack on native soil . This much is obviousBut if we verbalism a little deeper , these attacks created far more than an set upon on national guarantorThey as well as waged war on individual(prenominal) security .
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Despite whether America stood by the isolationiststance it took prior to human race War II or whether it has immersed itself in the interventionist roleof today , the unity unvaried American citizens could count on was their safety . America wassupposed to be the safest place to live in the world . When Pearl Harbor and 9 /11 agitate thefoundation of that belief , they also shook the foundation of the American public . As a countryand as individuals , the only behavior we could gain back approximately of that security was to give theenemy a face and a punishmentEnter operator X : prejudice . In the late nineteenth and archeozoic ordinal centuries , theJapanese faced a bringing tide of fury among the American public umteen had arrived asimmigrant railroad workers , but give thanks to some sensationalistic news media they had also become a morally bankrupt conclave of intruders who refused to assimilate into American cultureTo merely anger some , Japan was beginning to emerge as a real threat to America s strongstatus in the globose rescue . The resulting anti-Japanese backlash would grow to include apolicy of segregation in schools and a ban against American citizenship for Japanese workers (Casey , 2005 . By the season World War II arrived...If you want to get a replete essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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