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Running head : profits SECURITYInternet aegisThe key techniques to the most cheap bladesite credentials would be the day-by-day features of the website for the purpose of preventiveguarding the website content and the proceedings that ar to be have for fulfilling the ecommerce objectives of the website . The following muckle be credited to the diverse slipway to secure the website and lymph node preparation for the Grandmas Treats websiteWeb content bail : It forms the greater part of the guarantor as they argon aimed at non-representation or illegal presentation of ill-advised content br that a substance ab drug ab usager is not decide to see . The term hybridise site scripting (or XSS ) is often use in conjunction with the web content and links that ar to be secured for a website . Acunetix (2007 ) aver product Acunetix Web film Scanner is easily downloadable and comes big . Using that unrivalled could fleck their website for any such(prenominal)(prenominal) flawsDirectory traversal attacks : The directory traversal attacks be sort out of common where the links are traversed to a very bod path where the randomness flows to the hackers . It is cod to the malfunction of the codes at the lymph node and server sides . The code talent and link path requires to be checkered biweeklyally so that one is able to plan and test the system for any malfunctionSQL injection : It is another regularity where intruders are capable to roam breeding from one website engage SQL languages to illegally fetch guest s data for obtaining their financial breeding or to manipulate information for wrong use . The website must(prenominal) be checked periodically for such incidents and must besides make incontestable that client records are encrypted using 128 chipping warrantor layers at the database side . The database security must be checked for layting sure that no such exercise is evident . The customer s financial information would be encrypted to hold in it from simplified access from hackersE-commerce transactions security : The use of SSL 3 .
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0 makes sure that all vulnerabilities regarding the tapping of information so that ones purchases are prophylactic in all respects . The use of this protocol makes sure that a secured channel is followed for communication betwixt the client communication clients . The use of Transport Layer Security (TLS ) is important and can be enabled for any website for securing the communication to the communicating clients . IETF (2007 ) explains that TLS composes of acme to point corroboration techniques and communications privacy oer the internet modify the encoding .Web server checks and database security checks : The periodic checks are do to found a check on performance of the website and database practise all the relevant links and database security is checked for boilers suit assuranceDatabase co-occurrence : The database backup plans must be devised accordingly for retention the records safe to protect against unforeseen disasters (Navathe , 2002These dim-witted tips would be right-hand for the website to event care of the affordable call for for security and customer data protection so that one is able to safely direct out transactions over the internetReferences...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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