The maya-the culture and the fall of the empire

The classic Maya culture started to crash in the 8th and 9th centuries A.D. almost of the cities of the central lowlands had been aband unityd. Earthquakes, invasions by bring outsiders, famine, warfare, and drought energise all been suggested as possible causes for the fall of the Mayan civilization. By 900 A.D. almost all of the ceremonial centers had been abandoned. Jungle growth had hid more of the sites from destruction by the Spanish conquistadors. The Spanish started to conquer the Maya lands from 1520 to 1697. Still, around of the Mayas numerous ceremonial sites avoided destruction. They remained metro and somewhat preserved in the jungle until around the 19th century.         Study of these areas takes such a long time because of the dingy and rainy climate. When it rains, the studies stop. The thick rainforests alike make it impossible for the archeologists to execute club the areas by chopper; therefore to study it, the state have to go out on foot with the jungle.
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